Silver pendant with opal blue tree of life

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This beautiful silver pendant with an olive tree in beautiful opal bleu border can be completed with a silver chain wit a venetian link. A very valuable and meaningful piece of jewelry.

This silver pendant with its opal blue edge is beautiful displayed as a symbol of the Torah. This pendant is about 3 cm in size.

My silver jewelry was purchased directly from Jerusalem.

You can order a silver chain with venetian link separately from €15,00 depending on the length.


With silver jewelry you aften come across the name Sterling silver or silver 925. This is the best known and the most used type of silver. 925 means that the silver consist of 92,5% silver, of which 7,5% copper is added. Sterling silver is hypo-allergenic and nickel free. Pure silver (999) is so soft that it is impractical to use jewelry. You will not usually come across this if you are looking for a beautiful silver piece of jewelry. The addition Sterling applies to all 925 jewelry and comes from England.


Sterling silver eventually oxidizes. Oxidation means that the silver darkens. Some of them change color faster than others.This depends on the acidity of your skin and unfortunately you cannot change that much. You can simply polish your silver jewelry and chain once with a soft cloth or silver polishing cloth and then it will be like new again.

For me it is enough to polish my silver jewelry twice a year. And I have to say, they also let me take it with me in the shower....Don't let your precious piece of jewelry be lonely on a rack, it will make them unhappy... Wear it!



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