Hello, my name is Gonny Rijsdijk and I am Chaipainter.

Chai is the Hebrew word for life. Painter is the English word for painter.

Therefore you may say that I am a painter of life. But who isn't that? Every life is like a painting and you are the creator of that painter!

Being a painter of life means: Processing what lives inside me. A little blob here, a little blob there and that's how we, as human beings, experiment a lot...All those little blobs together make every work of art unique.

Fighting anti-Semitism is so important in my life that I write and paint about it.

Besides writing and painting, I also sell homemade products. With the proceeds from this, I manifest other projects to combat anti-Semitism.

My paintings and products, all of which are available on my site, do not always have an anti-Semitism related message. As an example, you will also discover landscapes or flower paintings. All products on my site are a means to achieve my goal. Fighting anti-Semitism!


I hope I can send you something beautiful, because anti-Semitism cannot exist!


A warm shalom.